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You should consider studying in Singapore to achieve academic excellence at a low cost. It is critical to note that Lion City is also included among the world’s greatest educational systems. The opportunities for establishing a professional career in Singapore are many, ranging from pursuing an MBA to studying Masters. This is owing to the contemporary education that the Asian nation provides. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education in Singapore provides Singapore scholarship for indian students to help them cope with their financial obligations.

The application procedure takes several months to complete and begins months before classes start. For overseas students to start their journey, institutions offer two primary intakes: autumn intake and winter intake.

When planning to Study In Singapore For Indian Students, you must meet specific requirements set forth by both the university and the nation. So, to study in Singapore, you must meet the following conditions or requirements:

  • To enrol in an undergraduate programme, you must have finished Class 12th or an equivalent test.

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the selected subject is required for postgraduate studies.

  • GMAT/GRE scores may be required for some programmes.

  • Make sure you have a valid passport for at least six months.

  • Make a statement of purpose (SOP) and have letters of recommendation (LOR).

It’s worth noting that, like other countries, Singapore does not have a centralised admissions bureau. As a result, you must apply directly to the relevant institution and provide all essential documentation. To continue with the procedure, you will also need to produce evidence of finances. When planning to Study In Singapore For Indian Students, don’t forget to apply for Scholarships in Singapore for Indian Students. They may even request an additional essay for a scholarship application.

In comparison to other nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. In Singapore, the cost of education is relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, various Singapore scholarship for indian students is available to assist students with their financial needs.

It is vital to note that the student visa is a “Pass” for individuals who wish to study in Singapore. Although the institution will apply for a visa on your behalf, you must apply for a pass using the Students Online Application and Registration System (SOLAR) and provide a list of papers. A basic outline of the Singapore student visa application procedure is provided below:

  • You must have been accepted into a full-time course to apply. Part-time students are not eligible to apply.

  • Apply through SOLAR to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) after receiving approval from the selected institution.

  • A processing fee of roughly $30 is payable for this. You will also be charged a $60 issuance fee when you receive your pass.

  • According to the guidelines, you must demonstrate that you are financially capable of supporting yourself.

  • Submit the following papers online:

  1. Bank Statements and Passport Information (last 28 days)

  2. 16 eForm

  3. Visa Application Fee

  4. Work Experience Certificate       

  5. Bank Loan Sanction Letter (if required)

  6. Passport Size Photograph            

  7. Fixed Deposit Receipts (if needed)          

  8. Affidavit of Support Given By Sponsor on Rs.20 Stamp Paper

These are the Top Singapore Scholarships for Indian students:

  • Singapore International Graduate Award (for Post-graduation)          

  • Singapore International Pre-Graduate Award Final-year undergraduates/Graduates     

  • SIA Youth Scholarship (for Class 10 passed students).              

  • GIIS Singapore Global Citizen Scholarship (for Class 10 passed students).              

  • INSEAD Syngenta Endowed Scholarship(s) for Emerging Country Leadership          

  • Science & Technology Undergraduate Scholarship for National University of Singapore (for Class 12 passed students).          

  • Dr Goh Keng Swee Scholarship (for Class 12 passed students).              

  • Amity Global Institute Merit Scholarship Admission to undergraduate or postgraduate program at Amity Singapore       

  • President’s Graduate Fellowship (NUS) for PhD Applicants  

  • Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) Research Grant Programme for PhD Holders

As a result, people interested in studying in Singapore have many options. Choosing a major combination and university that matches your career ambitions can be complex. We at Eduguide are here to help you with everything you need.

Looking for Scholarships in Singapore for Indian Students? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our website to find the Top 5 Scholarships For Indian Students and get guided step by step through the entire process.

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