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Eduguide Global takes care of all the steps required to begin this journey thus making it an easy one for the students. We do not just offer services but help create an experience abroad.

EGC services are end to end, right from informed decision making for the students by offering them course, university options that not only match their capabilities but also their interests and aspirations to complete the documentation process involved in this journey.

Our services also entail free guidance, VISA application processes, test preparations and exhaustive coaching for the students along with help on financial planning with regard to loans, scholarships.

Student Profile Analysis

The EGC Student Profile Analysis is centered on understanding the needs and aspirations of the student only to create a custom approach and present the most relevant options. We take it as our responsibility to clearly comprehend the requirements and come back with a viable course of action. 

Career Counseling

EGC helps students make informed decisions. We will not leave everything up to the student to decide but instead we will participate equally in the decision making process. We will measure the pros and cons of every decision alongside you to reach an option that will support your journey for an education abroad and life in another country.

EGC ensures that the decision reached is holistic wherein the student is assured a course that suits her aspirations, a country that matches expectations thus opening a door to a world of opportunities.

We answer questions such as what about career options after the course? Which faculty is better suited to your tailored needs? QS ratings of the university? Expat experience in the country? And so on. These questions need the eye and guidance of experienced professionals which EGC can provide.

Course/University Selection

With EGC’s genuine guidance by our esteemed professionals, you will be able to determine the best way forward for the future you envision for yourself. We explore all the best possible options for them wherein we will discuss every aspect right from course selection to university, faculty and country. It is this integrated approach that makes our students be precisely at the university they need to be and advance their career. This ambit also includes EGC aiding you to understand the available financial options, aids and scholarships that may be required.

EGC’s official tie-ups with leading universities keeps us up to date on all the available aids that are being offered by all.

Admission and Application Assistance

EGC will help you in every step of the way. These processes can be daunting and there are many steps to navigate through. Without direction from an expert it is possible that one may miss severe steps in the documentation process.

EGC ensures that all such documentation is taken care of with precision. We are well connected with the concerned authorities on our students’ behalf to ensure all of this falls into place without any mistakes while the student can focus on other important things.

Financial Aid & Scholarship

EGC’s connections and affiliations with all top universities keeps the team abreast with all the latest developments on this front.

We ensure that all relevant scholarships and information on any other form of financial aid is available for students to access and gauge as per their requirement.

Visa document Guidance & processing

The VISA process can easily be daunting for one along with being time consuming and exhausting. EGC readily takes the onus for this. Our time in the industry has capacitated us to connect with the relevant authorities and also ensure that we have backup plans for any situation that might not go our way.

The student can easily keep focus on the more important things while we work on these aspects. EGC truly is a one stop shop, solution oriented education firm dedicated to offer the best of what international education has to offer.

Accommodation Assistance

Eduguide Global works with the students on the best possible accommodations available in the choice of the student’s city and university. These are important details that may often be overlooked by many. A less than apt accommodation can affect the entire school year and beyond.

Over the years our experience with our past students has perfected the parameters basis which help select accommodations all budgets considered.

Arrival/Departure Assistance

When you come on board with EGC we are available to you for all the following years too. Once students go off to the university / country, no matter the preparation but the experience of living in another country can be different and that is where we step in. Our relations with our students are long lasting and we urge them to reach to us for anything under the sun once they are off.

This also stands for parents who may be concerned about certain things, which may be concerning child safety, options beyond the course and so on.

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