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Eduguide Global is an education company focussed on aiding students who wish to study in the most globally reputed universities around the world.

We do it with complete vigour with the help of our esteemed professional team and network of counsellors across the globe. Taking a bottom up approach, prior to counselling we keenly understand and map the aspirations and aims of the students. These may include choice of country, university and or course; and upon detailed rounds of discussion we provide tailored options for each student to explore, while also preparing them for examinations and assisting in all VISA and other documentation processes.

Eduguide Global boasts of one of the largest and strongest network of schools and colleges, with who we conduct regular seminars and webinars.

Staying with the times embedded in the EGG DNA and with that we place equal focus on ensuring that our services are seamlessly accessible online to everyone.


Eduguide Global was founded by Suchi Agarwal in 2008 with a vision to aid students in their journey to receive the best of what education has to offer. 

She has been training and guiding students since 2008 for various programs in countries such as the UK, Ireland, Australia, New zealand, Canada and Singapore; to name a few.

Suchi Agarwal is a highly regarded professional in the industry. She is known for her expertise in career guidance, helping students select the ideal course and university along with ensuring application filing and detailed knowledge on visa compliance and other important documents that complete the process.

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VISION: To open the doors to world class institutions, international opportunities for one and all.

MISSION: To help students actualise their potential and dreams under the guidance of the very best in the education industry.

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